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Booth 1C40, Essen, Germany 5/6/2014 to 5/10/2014

Metpack 2014 will witness a collection of new and improved gauges from CMC-KUHNKE. In addition to new products displayed at booth #1C40, live video demonstrations will be available to customers to connect with technicians in our Berlin, Mexico City and New York offices, allowing access to our complete product line.

CMC-KUHNKE's revolutionary double seam inspection system, the SEAMscan XTS, will be available in the booth for demonstrations. The XTS is a Non-Destructive tool for operator-independent double seam inspection, delivering a high-resolution X-ray seam scope in a compact and user-friendly package.

MARS EMS Fully Automated End measurement gauge

Representing CMC-KUHNKE's line of Fully-Automated products will be the New MARS-EMS- 1050. This Fully Automatic Shell Measurement system measures Countersink Depth, Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Curl Opening, and Panel Depth for quality Beverage End-making. The fully re-designed EMS-1050 can be loaded with up to 60 beverage shells, and the automatic sensors rotate and measure 8 locations per end, allowing 40 measured values in only 12 seconds.

CMC-KUHNKE's line of highly-accurate and easy to use 2-Piece gauging will be represented at METPACK with the New Front End Gauge for 2-piece Beverage Cans. The exceptionally accurate and repeatable FES-3000 automatically rotates the can with the capability to measure 360° around the circumference of the can.

Setting up the booth at Metpack 2014
Putting the final touches on our booth - newly designed for Metpack 2014