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New Aerosol Burst Tester - Now available with adapter for Aluminum bottles

ABT-2000 Semi-Automated Burst / Buckle tester

portable seam saw for beverage or food cans

The new Aerosol Burst Tester from CMC-KUHNKE has been adapted to accommodate aluminum bottle testing, in addition to monobloc, 2-piece and 3-piece aerosol cans.

The Aerosol Burst Tester is a semi-automated burst / buckle tester designed to check the pressure at which the container end will buckle, and the pressure at which the container will burst.

The can or bottle is placed in a specially designed holder which allows it to hang freely. For safety, the Aerosol Burst Tester automatically fills the container with water, and then slowly adds air pressure. The preprogrammed test sequence then begins. Values are automatically recorded for top buckle, bottom buckle, and burst pressures (the tester can automatically determine which end burst). portable seam saw for beverage or food cansOptionally, one or two thresholds may be programmed into the test sequence, allowing the container to be held at a desired pressure for a specified length of time.

The results are shown on the display and may be saved or printed out via serial printer. Results are also available for data transfer either directly into a plant-wide data collection system, or for data transfer directly into Visionary QCTM or other data acquisition software. The test is also graphed [pressure over time] on-screen.

Conserve water and keep your tester clean with the internal water supply.

The Closed Water Circuit available with the ABT-2000 stores clean water below the tester, and is recycled and filtered after testing. Eliminating the need for running water lines and drainage, the Closed Water Circuit conserves water while keeping the ABT-2000 free of impurity build-up.