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NEW: Buckle Tester with Growth Measurement

DRT-1000DG - Semi-Automated Measurement for 2-piece Food Cans

1000 Series Buckle Tester with Optional Dome Growth

CMC-KUHNKE's popular line of buckle testers has been adapted to work with DRD and D&I 2-piece food cans, as well as beverage cans. The buckle tester comes with the option of Growth Measurement to measure the deflection of the bottom of the can.

This semi-automated buckle tester is designed to determine the exact pressure at which the bottom of a can begins to buckle, as well as measuring the rate of growth.

Buckle Force & Growth Measurement Test results may be read from the tester's digital display or transmitted to a computer via the RS232 computer interface.

The tester uses CMC-KUHNKE's latest Quick-Fill Technology. Quick-Fill is a unique time saving feature designed to decrease test time while maintaining the accuracy of the test. Testers with Quick-Fill can rapidly increase the test pressure from atmosphere to a preset amount. Once at the starting pressure the tester automatically reduces the fill rate in order to maximum accuracy.