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Alex Grossjohann, Vice President, CMC-KUHNKE Featured in CanTech Magazine

When we tell someone we have just met about what we do, we are usually met with the same initial reaction, "Wow, I had no idea there was so much to making a can', followed shortly after with, ''How did you get into that?'

As with many of us in this business, I did not consciously seek it out; it found me. Son of German entrepreneur, Heinz Grossjohann, I was literally born into the metal packaging industry. I strongly believe it is the responsibility of each generation to build upon that which was made by the generation before it, and so I have dedicated my now 25 year career to the further establishment and growth of CMC-KUHNKE. I am privileged to have been a part of CMC-KUHNKE's evolution from a minor division of a family business to an ever- growing, independent corporation with offices on four continents.

From the 1971 delivery of the very first DP-1 Double Seam Projector, to the development of the X-ray Tightness Scanner (XTS) in 2011, CMC-KUHNKE remains a partner to can makers and brand owners who pioneer new innovations in metal packaging. Customers who buy CMC- KUHNKE do so knowing that every product, from a simple manual gauge to a fully-automatic can testing system, carries the knowledge of over 40 years of can making and filling.

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