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MARS-ENR Fully Automatic Enamel Rater

December 2008

The new MARS-ENR is the latest generation of fully automatic enamel 
raters from CMC-KUHNKE.

The new MARS-ENR is part of CMC-KUHNKE’s line of Measurement and rating Stations (MARS) – a fully automated line of modular can inspection equipment priced low enough for can makers to justify an installation on every line.

This fully-automatic, online can sampling and reporting system integrates directly with the production line to receive cans and testing instructions without any operator intervention - a substantial labor savings. Can measurements and enamel rater information may be collected at a higher frequency and at a lower cost. MARS-ENR may also be installed offline using a manually fed in-feed.

The gauge automatically takes cans from the in-feed, and performs customized enamel rating – Programmable Measurement Events include: Measurement Duration, Measurement Range, Contact Control, Current Limits, and Fill level Control. In the event of an out-of-spec condition, or if statistical anomalies are discovered, several optional automatic responses are available to notify operators that corrective action is needed. These range from simple warning lights and alarms, to a signal sent to the line to stop production.

The MARS-ENR can be customized to work with any type or size of can. However it is ideal for the beverage can maker as it works with virtually all beverage can sizes as standard without the need for change parts.

The new MARS-ENR is the latest generation of fully automatic enamel raters from CMC- KUHNKE. The gauge carries on the tradition of highly accurate testing in an extremely robust and reliable machine. Users of the first generation of MARS-ENR have seen many years of almost maintenance free inspections and the new MARS-ENR is no exception. From the stainless steel welded frame, to the top line industrial components, the gauge is designed for the rigors of life on the plant floor.

Measure even the most insulating of coatings!

The new MARS-ENR is the latest model in CMC-KUHNKE’s long line of automatic, and semi-automatic, enamel raters. The gauge utilizes a unique measurement method which allows for tests in µA. The first high precision enamel rater of its kind, the gauge allows for a greater accuracy of enamel rating - within +/- 1% of measured value (the quoted accuracy of most gauges is stated merely as a % of the full scale). This is especially valuable to customers using coatings which are extremely voltage resistant and where it is crucial to measure very small currents. These non conductive coatings are increasingly used for product safety in products like twist-off caps for baby food.

When checking the interior lacquer coating on cans, the current is measured in µA to determine lacquer permeability. The MARS-ENR automatically switches from µA to mA [shown to 3 decimal places] when values are higher than 0.5mA.

Measurement results can also show graphically on the gauge [Current over time], enamel rater results can be automatically sent directly into either the customer's plant- wide data collection system, or into our networkable database and SPC software.

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