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Monobloc Aerosol Solutions from CMC-KUHNKE

CMC-KUHNKE offers a wide range of products for measurement and testing of Monobloc Aerosol Cans, from manual gauges that perform each measurement separately, to semi- automated multi-function gauges that quickly complete required measurements at the touch of a button.

FES-3204 Front End Gauge - Semi-Automated Measurement for Trimmed Aluminum Cans

Front End Gauge
  • Measures Wall Thickness in three locations. Also measures Trimmed Can Height and Dome Depth
  • Measurements are made automatically with precision encoders
  • Can be used with multiple can heights without the need for change parts.
  • Exceptionally accurate: Wall Thickness Measurements have a resolution of 0.1 microns, accuracy +/- 1 micron

ABT-2000 Aerosol Burst Tester Automatic detection of burst and buckle

Aerosol Burst Tester
  • The test may be graphed [pressure over time] on-screen
  • Fully-customizable test types, such as holding at set pressures
  • Fully-self contained with internal water supply
  • Saves time with Quick-FillTM Technology
  • Multiple heights and diameters may be measured without the need for change parts

MARS-ENR Fully Automated Enamel Rater Worlds fastest automated enamel rater at 4cpm

Fully-Automated Enamel Rater
  • Welded stainless steel frame designed for maximum corrosion resistance
  • High resolution measurements displayed in 0.01mA
  • No changeover from 8oz to 16oz
  • Customized measurement events - duration, range, contact control, current limits and fill level
  • Installed In-line, or stand-alone

  • Enamel Rater and Tester

    enamel rater
    • Quickly and easily configured for test voltage, measurement range, test time and test polarity
    • Programmable Measurement Events: Contact Control, Filling Control, Measurement Duration, Current Limits.