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NEW: VSM 5 Automatic, Computerized, Seam Monitor for Double Seam Inspection

Video SEAM Monitor 5

Features pre-configured and integrated Micro-Laptop and automatic SEAMview software

The first automatic double seam monitor; Features pre-configured and integrated Micro-Laptop and automatic SEAMview software!

Double Seam Evaluation and Automatic Measurement Software

Automatically Measure Double Seam Images in less than One Second!

The VSM 5 utilizes auto SEAMview software to automatically measure the double seam. The software is installed on a micro-laptop connected to CMC-KUHNKE’s latest VSI-5000 series imagers – featuring high resolution, USB or Firewire cameras.

The SEAMview software starts automatically making this a complete, all-in-one double seam inspection solution. With the software doing all the work the system requires no training or installation.

The automatic measurement increases accuracy by up to 5 times, and allows double seams to be measured in a fraction of the time required using a traditional Video SEAM Monitor.


  • High Resolution Camera (color optional)
  • Pre-Configured auto SEAMview Software for automatic double seam measurement
  • Micro-Laptop with robust solid state hard-drive, 8.5” monitor, Windows XP
  • Customizable Options include can tables for food, beverage, aerosol cans

Use the CMC-KUHNKE high-resolution Firewire Image Capture cable, or the CMC-KUHNKE PCI Image Capture card to make SEAMview compatible with virtually any video seam imaging device or video microscope on the market.

Whether it's a quick and easy software upgrade, or purchased along with the Video SEAM Imager, SEAMview is so easy to use, operator training is usually not required.

Make notes right on the captured image – either save it as a .BMP, .GIF or .JPG file - send it in an e-mail message, or even use it in a document or a spreadsheet.

Need a bigger monitor, or a higher screen resolution? SEAMview can automatically re-size live or captured images to fit any screen; without affecting calibration or measurement accuracy.

The fastest, easiest, most reliable and most affordable computerized Double Seam inspection software available – SEAMview continues to set new industry standards.

New Features in version 5.0 Include:

  • Zoom for precise placement of lines if needed
  • Available Real-time SPC graphs
  • Option to display name and value of parameters measured on top of captured image
  • AutoLearn recognizes patterns over time to reduce measurement time and improve accuracy

For more information, please feel free to Contact Us Directly.

We'll send you complete product information and specifications, or quote you a system customized to fit your specific can and end measurement needs.