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New Bottle Can Inspection Station

Automatic Measurement for Aluminum Beverage Bottles

Bottle Can Inspection System

The BCI-1000, Bottle Can Inspection Station, from CMC-KUHNKE uses state-of-the-art optical technology to measure critical parameters of bottle-cans with threads for caps.

The simple and easy-to-use Bottle Can Inspection Station uses precision optics and high-resolution cameras to take all measurements automatically; eliminating operator error and making the readings highly accurate and repeatable.

Rapid, non-contact measurements are taken automatically!

Simply place the bottle-can in the designated area within the robust unit and begin measurement with a push of a button. The can is rotated automatically, and all measurements are taken in a matter of seconds.

Characteristics Measured include: Can Height; Skirt Height; Inner and Outer Curl Diameter; Thread Height; Outer Thread Diameter; and Outer Skirt Diameter.

Measurement results are automatically transferred to a plant-wide data collection system, like our Visionary QC software, or the Bottle Can Inspection Station may be used as a stand-alone measurement tool.

Bottle Can 
Inspection System