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NEW: Can Measurement Station

CMS-2000: Multiple Measurement Station for Pails

Can measurement station for 
large cans

Measure multiple parameters of open top pails, ringed paint cans and other large cans with the New Can Measurement Station from CMC-KUHNKE.

The CMS-2000 saves space and money by combining Plug and Ring Diameter, Flange Width and Stacking Bead Height measurements all in one robust unit.

Each section of this compact measurement station is specifically designed for maximum accuracy and excellent repeatability and reproducibility (R&R). Multiple heights and diameters of pails and other large cans may be measured without the need to change tooling.

Each measurement station is available as an individual unit, and can be customized to fit any range of can sizes - large or small.

Plug Diameter - The CMS-2000 saves time by accurately measuring the Plug Diameter on a variety of can sizes using just one calibration ring. The Plug Diameter function may also measure the inner diameter of pail rings.

Flange Width - V-Block positioning and automatic operation make it easy for operators to feel confident in their readings.

Stacking Bead Height - Finding the maximum Stacking Bead Height value is easy and precise with the CMS-2000, as the user-friendly display keeps track of your maximum value as different points of the can are measured.

An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-independent; however data may be immediately transferred to a computer database for up-to-the-minute SPC quality analysis with CMC-KUHNKE's Software for Process Control, Visionary QC TM.