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NEW: Combination Seam Gauge

CSG-2360 Complete Seam Thickness Profiling

CSG-2360 Complete Seam Thickness Profiling

Berlin - CMC-KUHNKE announces the release of the CSG-2360 which adds the capability of a complete 360 degree profile of the critical seam thickness measurement to our very popular CSG series of gauging. Running in standard mode, the CSG-2360 provides automated seam thickness and countersink depth (seam height optional) measurements for standard double seam inspections. Operators can switch to 360 mode when thickness issues arise that require a complete seam thickness profile of a can. This is especially useful for locating and measuring problematic compound bubbles.

The CSG-2360 and other CSG series gauges use automatic can rotation and measurement to cut double seam inspection times in half and significantly increase inspection accuracy. Results and gauge operations are displayed on an easy to use TFT touch screen.

Equipped with an RS232 output, results may be printed to a serial printer (in tabular format), or may be immediately transferred to a computer database for up to the minute SPC quality analysis.