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End Measurement Station

The New EMS-2153 Semi-Automatic Measurement System for Can Endmaking

Semi-Automated End Measurement Station 
for Beverage Endmaking Domed Ends

Save time and increase accuracy!

Semi-automated EMS-2153 End Measurement Station Profile screen

The new EMS-2153 End Measurement Station provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can-end, substantially increasing time savings over manual gauges. Featuring automatic end rotation, the new End Measurement Station completely eliminates operator error, maximizing accuracy.

Using pneumatically and electronically controlled sensors, the EMS-2153 measures numerous new attributes, including: Curl Diameter (1), Curl Height (2), Countersink Height (3), Curl Opening (4), Curl Width (5), Curl Length (6), Inside Curl Diameter (7), Chuck Fit (8), and the option of First Bead Height (9).

Multiple sized ends can be measured without the need for change parts or adjustments, making the EMS-2153 extremely easy to use and saving even more endmaking time.

An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-independent; eliminating any potential downtime due to computer related issues.

Results are shown on the color touch screen display and may be saved or printed out via serial printer. Results are also available for data transfer directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.