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New Finished Can Gauge

Semi-Automated Measurement for 2-Piece Finished Cans

Finished can gauge

The New Semi-Automated Finished Can Gauge from CMC-KUHNKE uses a combination of contact and non-contact measurement technology to accurately measure critical parameters of multiple-sized, 2-piece cans.

With a touch of a button, the FCG-2000 automatically measures Can Height, Bead Depth, Flange Width, and creates a complete Can-Bottom Profile.

The can is rotated automatically and can be measured in multiple positions around the can.

The FCG-20000's solid, fixture-based design, V-Block positioning piece and automatic operation make it easy for operators to feel confident in their readings, regardless of their quality assurance experience. Switching between can heights does not require the gauge to be re-calibrated, saving time between inspections.

An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-independent; eliminating any potential downtime due to computer related issues. Data can also be transferred directly into Visionary QCTM or other data acquisition software.