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NEW: Front End Gauge from CMC-KUHNKE

FES-2000: Semi-Automated Gauge for Trimmed Beverage Cans

automatic gauge 
for trimmed beverage cans

Now with Automated Wall Thickness Measurements & Rotation

A new alternative to manual front-end measurements, the New Front End Gauge from CMC- KUHNKE now includes automated Top Wall Thickness (Step) and Mid Wall Thickness (Body) alongside Can Height and Dome Depth measurements.

The exceptionally accurate and rugged FES-2000 automatically rotates the can with the capability to measure 360 degrees around the circumference of the can. Measurement results are shown on the TFT Touch screen and out-of-spec limits are clearly flagged in red allowing for immediate corrective action by line personnel.

An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-independent; eliminating any potential downtime due to computer related issues. Data can also be transferred directly into Visionary QCTM or other data acquisition software.

Product Highlights:

  • Measurements are made automatically with precision encoders
  • Can be used with multiple can heights without the need for change parts.
  • Requires little training and is extremely easy to use.
  • Produces measurements with extremely high repeatability and reproducibility.
  • Hands-Free design replaces individual, manual gauges and eliminates measurement variation as the result of operator interference.