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NEW: Portable Seam Saws from CMC-KUHNKE

More Solutions for Seam inspections on the Go

portable seam saw for beverage or food cans

The PCS-1153: SEAM Saw for Food Cans and the PCS-1307: SEAM Saw for Beverage Cans are two new additions to CMC-KUHNKE's line of convenient, portable inspection equipment.

Both saws are rugged yet portable, and designed for customer service engineers who may need to cross section double seams while on the road. These lightweight saws are equipped as standard with a suitcase for protection and ease of transportation, and include a built in handle to further increase portability.

The PCS-Series Seam saws are engineered to safely cut double seams precisely and efficiently, giving you a clear image for highly reliable double seam inspection. These can cutters feature a light-weight but robust design that will provide you with years of trouble- free performance with virtually no maintenance.

The portable seam saws use two parallel blades, one mounted to cut along the diameter of the can, to make the cross-section without chattering, distorting or changing hook lengths. This provides an accurate radial slot, free from distortion, and with minimal burr, for use in double seam imaging and measurement. The PCS-Series Seam Saws accommodate a wide range of can sizes.

CMC-KUHNKE's ever growing portable line also includes the Handy SEAM Double Seam Inspection System and the MKS-1202 Seam Stripper. For more information on these products, please visit

portable double seam inspection system portable seam stripper for beverage cans