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SEAMscan XTS X-ray Tightness Scanner*

Non-Destructive Double Seam Inspection System

Fully-automated MARS-XTS and semi-automated SEAMscan XTS systems 

The SEAMscan XTS - X-ray Tightness Scanner* is a new, Non-Destructive tool for operator-independent double seam tightness measurement. Designed specifically for can- makers and brand-owners, SEAMscan XTS delivers a high-resolution X-ray seam scope and a powerful automatic wrinkle inspection system, in a compact and user-friendly package. The SEAMscan XTS will be unveiled for the first time at Metpack 2011.

The XTS can save can-makers and brand-owners hundreds of thousands of dollars each year simply by reducing product spoilage caused by traditional, destructive Double Seam Inspection methods. 100% of the Double Seam is inspected for Cover Hook Wrinkle (Seam Tightness) and dimentional measurements are collected while preserving the can for sale. The XTS achieves this while still utilizing a method directly comparable to FDA accepted visual double seam measurement.

For the first time ever, operators no longer need to teardown can seams in order to see Cover Hook wrinkles, a crucial attribute for determining the quality of the seam. The XTS automatically scans 100% of the Cover Hook for wrinkles, measures, and reports an objective Seam Tightness value. The XTS systems not only look into the Double Seam without damaging it, they see Cover Hook Wrinkles in far more detail than ever before possible with conventional methods.

Double seam measurement with XTS imaging

Human error is a thing of the past -at least where Double Seam Inspection is concerned. The XTS measures the Double Seam dimensions and then uses a unique, patent pending process to create a highly-accurate measurement of the amount of Wrinkle inside the Double Seam. Cover Hook Wrinkle measurements are then automatically transferred to a computer database where real-time trend analysis may be performed.

By completely removing the need for destructive testing, the XTS can provide a return on investment in as little as 6 months. In addition, the XTS system is available as a Fully- Automated system. This option further increases cost savings by reducing time and labor expense. With the SEAMscan XTS - X-ray Tightness Scanner*, operators will never have to tear down a seam for inspection again, maximizing accuracy and dramatically saving time, money and product.

*Patent Pending. Gefordert vom Bundesministerium fur Wirtschaft und Technologie aufgrund eines Beschlusses des Deutschen undestages