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CMC-KUHNKE April 2013

New! SEAMscan XTS* System for Beverage Cans
Non-Destructive Double Seam Inspection with Automatic Wrinkle Detection

  • Non-Destructive
  • Operator Independent
  • Fully-Automated Double Seam Measurement
  • Cover Hook Wrinkles Automatically Detected
  • No Product Spoilage
  • 360 Degree Measurement
  • Safer than conventional cross-sectional methods

The SEAMscan XTS* is a new tool for operator-independent double seam inspection of beverage cans. All measurements are non-destructive, resulting in no product spoilage as found with destructive teardown inspection.

The XTS can save can-makers and brand-owners hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

Featuring automatic can rotation and automatic characteristic recognition, the SEAMscan XTS uses CMC-KUHNKE X-ray Seam Imaging* to measure Seam Height, Body Hook, Cover Hook, Overlap and Seam Gap in up to 50 positions around the can. The XTS is designed to be used in conjunction with an external seam inspection solution for measurement of Seam Thickness and Countersink Depth - such as the CSG-Series Combination Seam Gauge. In doing so, this provides a complete double seam inspection station measuring all critical parameter measurements at a competitive price and provides a safer alternative to conventional cross-section methods.

Automatic Wrinkle Detection

After The SEAMscan XTS* measures the Double Seam dimensions, carefully calibrated X-rays pass through the Double Seam revealing subtle variations in Cover Hook formation - detecting whether compromising wrinkles are present. By performing a virtual teardown, we can actually see how the Body Hook and Cover Hook interact with each other, and new never-before-possible comparisons may be made.

A Fully Automated version of the SEAMscan XTS*, the MARSTM-XTS*, was recently sold to a major brewery in Mexico. The world's first fully-automated non-destructive double seam inspection system combines the internal X-ray seam measurements of the SEAMscan XTS* with the CSG-Series Combination SEAM Gauge for external seam measurements into one robust unit, providing faster inspection results, and reduced labor costs.