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August 2012

NEW! Fully-Automatic Multiple Diameter End Measurement Station for Aerosol Domes and Ends


The MARS-AER is CMC-KUHNKE's latest automated gauge for the measurement of aerosol domes and bottoms. Based on CMC-KUHNKE's industry leading MARS-DMA for ends, this aerosol dome and bottom measurement system is entirely customizable for the user working with any range of sizes.

The MARS-AER comes as standard with automatic measurement of Curl Height, Curl Opening, Curl Diameter, Panel Depth, Total Height, Countersink Height, Contact Height, and 1" Opening. Through the use of hoppers for multiple can end diameters, and an automated handling system, the MARS-AER measures an unlimited range of different sizes.

The can ends are automatically rotated with all parameters being measured in up to 50 positions around the circumference of the end. The gauge utilizes two measurement stations; the first measures Curl Height, Curl Opening, Curl Diameter, Panel Depth, Total Height, and Countersink Height; the second station measures Contact Height and 1" opening.

Additional options are available, including: Seaming Panel Height, Snaplock Undercut, Shoulder Depth, Curl Thickness and Dome Curl Outer Diameter.

This easy to use automatic measurement gauge combines unsurpassed R&R results with a compact design, touch screen interface, and RS232 data output.

As well as providing greatly increased accuracy of measurement, the labor savings gained by installing the MARS-AER Automatic Multiple Diameter End Measurement System will pay for the entire project within a matter of months.

3rd Annual Agents Conference

CMC-KUHNKE Agents 2012April 25- 26, 2012 - CMC-KUHNKE Agents from around the world gathered to participate in the 3rd Annual International Agents Conference. The two day meeting was held simultaneously in two locations - CMC-KUHNKE headquarters in Berlin, Germany and Albany, New York - facilitating a record turnout of attendees from Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Utilizing web conferencing systems the two groups were brought together for presentations, sales meetings, and open forums, with regional sales strategy meetings and product demonstrations held in separate sessions.

The conference provided the dedicated team of agents with important technical training and hands-on experience with the latest in measurement technology, including the SEAMscan XTS - Non-Destructive X-Ray Tightness Scanner. They were also given exciting previews of future products to be released in the year ahead.

Those meeting in the Albany office had the opportunity to be the first group to utilize the all-new Technical Center and its state-of-the-art product training center, which houses the XTS amongst other semi-automated and manual container measurement equipment. The conference was a great success and will be crucial in maintaining CMC-KUHNKE's position as the global leader in quality control for metal packaging.

CMC-KUHNKE Receives 2012 Technology Innovation Award

Alex Grossjohann accepts CEG Award

CMC-KUHNKE was honored with a Technology Award during the 16th Annual Center for Economic Growth Technology Innovation Awards Luncheon on Thursday, June 7, 2012 in Colonie, NY.

Alex Grossjohann (pictured), Vice President of CMC-KUHNKE, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

The awards recognize the convergence and diversity of technology industries making great strides in the Tech Valley.

Other award recipients were General Electric Co., Ener-G-Rotors, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the Center for Disability Services, X-Ray Optical Systems, and James W. Peterson of Automated Dynamics.

CMC-KUHNKE Asia Co., Ltd - New Location in Hong Kong

CMC-KUHNKE Hong Kong Office

As of January, 2012, CMC-KUHNKE Asia Co. Ltd. has been incorporated in Hong Kong, China.The new office will handle sales and service for South East Asia. Heinz Grossjohann, President of CMC-KUHNKE, is running operations, and Ning Qian is responsible for Sales Coordination for the territory.

On the horizon will be a second office in Southern China to handle additional sales and service.

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