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NEWSLETTER - August 2013

CMC-KUHNKE Products Showcased at CANNEX

Fully-Automated Enamel Rater

CMC-KUHNKE recently showcased the industry's most comprehensive line of gauging at Cannex 2013 in Atlanta. The booth featured demonstrations of a complete line of equipment for two-piece canmaking including front & back end measurement, dome reversal and axial load testing. Numerous gauges and testers for three-piece cans and ends were also demonstrated, including PNR Testing, Aerosol Burst Testing, Bead Measurement and End Measurement.

The highlight of the show was without doubt CMC-KUHNKE's revolutionary SEAMscan XTS* - Non-Destructive Virtual Teardown System for Double Seam Inspection.

Automated Enamel Rater

Customers witnessed the latest version of the XTS* Technology, which has been running in production environments since 2011.

The XTS is the first and only non-destructive system to objectively measure double seam tightness. It is unique in that it is the only truly accurate X-ray system capable of measuring a full range of can diameters (up to 153mm) including the ability to measure seam gap.

Automated Enamel Rater

Also Demonstrated at Cannex, the EMS-2153 End Measurement Station provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can- end, substantially increasing time savings over manual gauges. Featuring automatic end rotation, the EMS completely eliminates operator error, maximizing accuracy. At the touch of a button, the EMS-2153 automatically measures Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Countersink Height, Curl Opening , Curl Width, Curl Length, Inside Curl Diameter, Chuck Fit, and the option of First Bead Height.

*Patent pending

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