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Enamel Rating Solutions
CMC-KUHNKE has the most extensive range of solutions for metal exposure testing. In conjunction with customer demands, CMC-KUHNKE has developed a multitude of testers for evaluation of cans, ends, twist of caps, crowns, and more. In addition to the wide range of products tested, CMC-KUHNKE's customized solutions allow for both semi- automatic and fully-automatic, inline, testing - with options for single or multiple tests. This level of innovation coupled with our years of experience and variety of gauges, makes CMC-KUHNKE the number one solution for your enamel rating needs.
Digital Enamel Rater
   The new 3000 series is the latest model in CMC-KUHNKE's long line of semi- automatic enamel raters. The digital ENR-3000 features stainless steel construction, automatic starting of the measurement process, fill level control, completely customizable tests and setup [objects, specs, lines, operator etc] and much more.

Accessories are available to allow testing of beverage, food & aerosol cans and ends, as well as side seam testing and tube testing.
ENR-16 & ENR-8
16 or 8 Station Digital Enamel Raters

These new multiple station enamel raters allow for the swift testing of up to 16 Cans, Ends, Crowns, or Twist-Off Caps. The enamel rater works in conjunction with either 8 or 16 ends or cans. The unit is self regulating, constantly controlling and displaying: contact control, vacuum, cable connections and the testing voltage of 6.3V.

The new multiple station enamel raters are now available for use with Crown Caps. Crowns are tested on both the inside and the outside!

Measure up to 16 twist-off caps of multiple diameters!

The caps are placed in the holder and held there automatically with clamp after start. After 4 seconds, individual values in mA, maximum measurement value, the average value, and the number of bad measurement values for each lid will be displayed or printed out.

The multiple station enamel raters are also available for use with cans.
Fully Automatic Enamel Raters

Visionary QC software: Flexible Software for Process Control
Food and Beverage cans of any size are transferred into the automatic enamel rater and tested. The results are automatically sent into either the customer's plant-wide data collection system, or into our Visionary QC™ networkable database and SPC software.

More Quality in Less Time

This fully-automatic, online can sampling and reporting system integrates directly with the production line to receive cans and testing instructions without any operator intervention - a substantial labor savings. Enamel rating information may be collected at a higher frequency and at a lower cost.

In the event of an out-of-spec condition, or if statistical anomalies are discovered, several optional automatic responses are available to notify operators that corrective action is needed.

In the event that a can does not pass the Enamel Rater, the production line may stop automatically, a warning light will flash, the can will be quarantined, and the station number (e.g. spray head number) will be displayed on the integrated touch-screen.

Fully-automatic enamel raters have been installed for many years as part of CMC-KUHNKE's modular MARS Line - fully automatic measurements systems. As such, in the case of food cans, the enamel rater can be installed in combination with an automatic can height, flange width, and bead depth gauge.

Visionary QC™ Software
A "Visionary" solution for
the future of Quality Assurance

CMC-KUHNKE, a leading provider of metrology systems for the canning industry has released their most comprehensive data acquisition software to date, Visionary QC™. The core of Visionary QC™ is a user-friendly Data Collection and Report system designed to quickly lead operators through their quality inspections and provide useful reports for process control. Visionary QC™ provides flexibility for those working at advanced technology levels, yet is simple enough for less experienced technicians.

Visionary QC™ Feature Summary
  • A user configurable interface allows administrators to quickly configure connection settings for new instruments.
  • With Visionary QC™ many pages of manual inspection form can be reduced into only a few test-types.
  • Automatic prompts help operators through every step of the inspection, and data is always stored in the proper location.
  • Rechecks can automatically be triggered by spec, action, or monitoring limits.
  • SPC graphs and control charts can be displayed during the inspection process.
  • Operators can enter simple selection criteria for bright color production summaries.
  • Managers have comprehensive data analysis tools needed to drill down on specific quality issues.
  • Server/Client network design allows for multiple workstations to access the same database simultaneously.
  • Administrative and review workstations deliver the reports directly to managers' desktops.
  • Automatic "fail-safe" allows workstations to continue collecting data even when the network is unavailable.
  • Automated background synchronization shares information between multiple production facilities.
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Aerosol Burst Tester
The Aerosol Can Burst Tester is a semi-automated burst / buckle tester designed to check first the pressure at which the aerosol can end will buckle, and then the pressure at which the aerosol can will burst. Built in test cycles allow the option of holding cans at a specified pressure and for set lengths of time. Shown with optional water recirculation tank.
Now Available:
Tooling for monobloc
aerosol cans and aluminum bottles
New Film Weight Gauge
Improves Coating Process Control

Outstanding repeatability, ease-of-use and flexibility are at the core of new features available on the brand new DFW-3000 Digital Film Weight Gauge from CMC- KUHNKE. With the improved accuracy of your film weight measurements, facilities can reduce lacquer consumption and spoilage, all while improving product quality and operating efficiencies.

The DFW-3000 also features a redesigned probe for measuring blanks. Gliding on a cushion of air, the Easy Probe effortlessly and effectively measures your sample with outstanding accuracy and world class repeatability. Designed to apply the perfect amount of pressure, the operator easily guides the probe to the desired location for measurement where the gauge sits under its own weight applying a constant measurement pressure.

The rugged, ergonomic design of the DFW-3000 is ideal for a plant environment. Mounted on an elevated, angled platform, provides for easy viewing of the LCD screen and operator interaction with the touch pad. During the measurement procedure operators can view a graphical representation of the inspection to ensure completeness.

The DFW-3000̢۪s microprocessor technology lets you control specifications, save inspection data and store lacquer information without having to connect to a computer. RS 232 data export to a PC is available.
New Sales & Support Office for Latin America
New Sales & Support Office for Latin America

CMC-KUHNKE is pleased to announce it is expanding by opening an office in Mexico City. CMC-KUHNKE Americas will provide our many Latin American customers with more localized service and support.

Opened in April 2008, the CMC-KUHNKE Americas office solidifies CMC-KUHNKE's role as the leading global supplier of quality assurance equipment.

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