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NEW: Video Seam Monitor for Double Seam Inspection

VSM-5: Automatic, Computerized and Now with Integrated Micro-PC

Automatic Seam monitor with integrated micro PC

The latest version of the VSM-5 - Video Seam Monitor for Double Seam Inspection - is a stand-alone device utilizing auto SEAMview 5 Software. The software is installed on a micro-PC integrated within the robust unit, making this the turn key solution for customers without adequate PC support. Featuring high resolution, USB or Firewire cameras, the new VSM-5 accurately measures the double seam of food, beverage or aerosol cans.

The SEAMview 5 Software starts automatically making this a complete, all-in-one double seam inspection solution. With the software doing all the work, the system requires no training or installation.

The automatic measurement increases accuracy by up to 5 times, and allows double seams to be measured in a fraction of the time required using a traditional Video SEAM Monitor.

Features of the New VSM-5:

  • Hidden Micro PC
  • Robust Design
  • Larger TFT screen or optional touch-screen
  • High Resolution Camera (color optional)
  • Pre-Configured auto SEAMview Software for automatic double seam measurement
  • Customizable Options include can tables for food, beverage and aerosol cans

Use the CMC-KUHNKE high-resolution Firewire Image Capture cable, or the CMC- KUHNKE PCI Image Capture card to make SEAMview compatible with virtually any video seam imaging device or video microscope on the market.

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