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CMC-KUHNKE unveils the SEAMscan XTS System while celebrating 40 years

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The 7th International Trade Fair for Metal Packaging held May 10-14 in Essen, Germany, was an exciting time for CMC-KUHNKE, with the formal unveiling of the revolutionary new product, the SEAMscan XTS - X-ray Tightness Scanner. This Non- Destructive Double Seam Inspection System generated tremendous interest at the show and an impressive amount of industry professionals lined up for their chance to be given a private demonstration. More information about the SEAMscan XTS can be found at

Numerous gauges representative of CMC-KUHNKE's latest engineering developments were on display alongside the XTS; most of which were designed and released for market within the last 6 months. Included in the display was the SEAMview Double Seam Inspection System, the newly redesigned Score Residual Gauge, the new End Measurement System with increased measurement capabilities, the Video Seam Monitor with integrated micro-PC, a Semi-Automated Front End and Back End Station, the all new Bottle Can inspector, the Semi-Automatic Combination Seam Gauge, an Automatic and a Portable Seam Saw and an enamel rating system for Aerosol cans.

CMC-KUHNKE Metpack Customer Appreciation party

The unveiling of the SEAMscan XTS coincides with the year-long celebration of CMC- KUHNKE's 40th Anniversary. As a 'thank you' to the customers that made it all possible, CMC- KUHNKE held a Customer Appreciation Party afterhours in the booth. The party was well- attended, with beer, wine, a wide variety of hors d'oeuvres and captivating live entertainment.

CMC-KUHNKE plans to continue the 40th Anniversary celebration beyond Metpack. To show the well deserved gratitude towards their customers, CMC-KUHNKE has declared September 2011 as 'Customer Appreciation Month' which will include limited-time offers and discounts. Check back at for more information as September draws near.

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