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NEW! Finished Can Gauge, FCG-3000

Finished Can Gauge

The New Semi-Automated Finished Can Gauge from CMC-KUHNKE accurately measures critical parameters of multiple-sized, 2-piece cans.

A perfect partner to CMC-KUHNKE's Front End Gauge, the FCG-3000 is the latest addition to the family of gauges for 2-piece food cans, which also includes the PNR-V-O, Pressure of No Return Tester.

With the touch of a button, the FCG-3000 automatically measures Flange Width, Can Height, Bead Depth (with option of complete Bead Profile Analysis and roll bead measurement) On Can Bottom: 1st Bead Height, Countersink Depth, Panel Depth.

This ideal end-of-line gauge can be used on beaded or non-beaded canas of multiple heights and diameters - without the need for change parts. Switching between can heights does not require the gauge to be re-calibrated, saving valuable time between inspections. The can is rotated automatically and can be measured in up to 36 positions around the can.

An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-Independent; eliminating any potential downtime due to computer related issues. Data can also be transferred directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.

NEW! Buckle Tester for Loose Beverage Ends, BCL-3000LM

end buckle tester with Missile test

Manual Loose End Buckle, Burst and Missile Tester

The BCL-3000LM measures the pressure at which loose beverage ends buckle.

A manual clamping device and magnet is used to secure the end in place, an pressure is increased until the test is completed. The BCL-3000LM may perform up to four tests: Buckle Test, Burst Test, Missle Test (for use with Ring Pull Ends) and Buckle/Burst Test.

The buckle value is shown on the color touch screen and may be saved. Results are also available for transfer either directly into a plant-wide data collection system or for transfer directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.

Buckle Tester Highlights:

  • May be used with multiple diameters, parts may be exchanged in seconds
  • Robust design withstands rigors of shop environment
  • Easy to use and requires little to no training
  • New Missile test for ring pull ends - a required test in China and South East Asia
  • Features CMC-KUHNKE's new graphical user interface. Color icons and simple menus provide easy navigation through the functions of the gauge.

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