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NEW! Fully-Automatic End Measurement Gauge

MARS-EMS for Multi-Diameter Ends

The MARS-EMS End Measurement Station provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can- end, substantially increasing time savings over manual gauges.

MARS-EMS End Measurement Gauge

Featuring automatic end rotation, the industry leading End Measurement Station completely eliminates operator error, maximizing accuracy.

Measure Automatically - Increase Accuracy - Reduce Cost!

The end measurement system is entirely customizable for the user, but comes as standard with automatic measurement of; Curl Diameter (1), Curl Height (2), Countersink Height (3), Curl Opening (4), Curl Width, (5), Curl Length (6), Inside Curl Diameter (7), Chuck Fit (8), and the option of First Bead Height (9).

Through the use of hoppers for multiple can end diameters, and an automated end handling system, the MARS-EMS Fully-Automatic Multiple Diameter End Measurement System measures an unlimited range of different sized lids. The can ends are automatically rotated with all parameters being measured in up to 50 positions around the circumference of the end.

NEW! Bead Profile Analyzer

BPA-3000 Semi-Automatic Bead Profile Analysis

Bead measurements are made quickly and accurately on food cans with the Bead Profile Analyzer. The BPA-3000 utilizes the functionality of the Bead Depth Gauge and adds a dynamic analysis software module to create a complete Bead Profile. Go beyond simple Bead Depth Measurement!

Bead Profile Analyzer

The Bead Profile Analyzer automatically determines the number of beads, and ignores minor dents or imperfections. Each Bead Depth reading is then calculated automatically.

In addition to Bead Depth, the BPA may measure other important parameters of the bead profile, such as Bead Length, Top Length, Bottom Length, Upper Radius 1, Upper Radius 2, Lower Radius, 20 % Width, Up Angle, Down Angle, Symmetry and Symmetry %. With this, canmakers are able to measure their beads properly and maximize the performance of the cans in terms of axial load and paneling strength.

All readings are automatically transferred to a computer database - saving time, eliminating data entry errors, and providing a permanent record for future reference.

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