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NEW! Opening Force Gauges

Solutions for Measurement of Re-Sealable Beverage Ends

Introducing a new set of Opening Force Gauges designed by CMC-KUHNKE especially for a new product, the re-sealable beverage end. The re-sealable beverage end is the first of its kind and was developed by Ball Packaging Europe together with Bound2B B.V., a Dutch company that initially invented this re-sealable beverage end.CMC-KUHNKE, in collaboration with Ball, developed these systems to measure the loose ends during the production phase, as well as the seamed cans in the filling environment.

Fully-Automatic Opening Force Gauge for Re-Sealable Ends
The MARS-OFG is a fully automated device that is used to test and measure the opening force, the closing force, and the over-turn of the re-sealable ends. It is equipped with a hopper with 8 bins, each able to stack 8 ends, so a total of 64 ends may be measured without operator influence.

A pick & place system picks up the end, moves it into the alignment station, then into position for testing. The opening and closing forces are clearly displayed as a graph on the TFT touch screen. The automatic RS232 data output gives the option of data transfer directly into a plant-wide data collection system, or for data transfer directly into Visionary QC Software or other data acquisition software.

Opening Force Gauge for Seamed Cans

The OFG-1000 was developed in addition to the MARS-OFG, as a stand-alone gauge to measure the opening force of finished filled, seamed cans.

The device simulates the human process to determine the necessary forces to open and close the end. The results are displayed clearly on the touch screen.

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