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October 2010

NEW! Front End Station: Semi-Automated Measurement

portable seam saw for beverage or food cans

A new alternative to manual front-end measurements, the New Front End Station from CMC-KUHNKE now includes automated Top Wall Thickness (Step) and Mid Wall Thickness (Body) alongside Can Height and Dome Depth measurements.

The exceptionally accurate and rugged FES-2000 automatically rotates the can with the capability to measure 360 degrees around the circumference of the can. Measurement results are shown on the TFT Touch screen and out-of-spec limits are clearly flagged in red allowing for immediate corrective action by line personnel.

An integrated microprocessor allows the gauge to be PC-independent; eliminating any potential downtime due to computer related issues. Data can also be transferred directly into Visionary QCTM or other data acquisition software.

Product Highlights

  • Measurements are made automatically with precision encoders
  • Can be used with multiple can heights without the need for change parts.
  • Requires little training and is extremely easy to use.
  • Produces measurements with extremely high repeatability and reproducibility.
  • Hands-Free design replaces individual, manual gauges and eliminates measurement variation as the result of operator interference.
  • Exceptionally accurate: Wall Thickness Measurements have a resolution of 0.1 microns.

CMC-KUHNKE Goes Over the Edge

over the edge cmc-kuhnke

Over the Edge was a unique opportunity for individuals to rappel off of the Crowne Plaza in Downtown Albany, NY while raising much needed funds for the athletes of Special Olympics New York.

The company raised enough funds to send our very own Randy Jarvis, Josh Klemm, and Vice President of CMC-KUHNKE Alex Grossjohann over the side of one of the tallest buildings in Albany.

It was a beautiful day of sunshine and live music. High energy fundraisers, family, friends and passers-by gathered to crane their necks upward towards the sky while brave rappellers bounced, walked and slid down towards the pavement, all for a good cause.

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