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NEW Features: Visionary QC - Now better than ever!

VQC812 - Upgraded Software for Statistical Process Control

DRT-1000 Series Buckle Tester with Optional Dome Growth

Designed specifically for the canning industry, Visionary QC is CMC-KUHNKE's most comprehensive data acquisition software to date.

The core of Visionary QC is a user-friendly Data Collection and Report system designed to quickly lead operators through their quality inspections and provide useful reports for process control. Visionary QC provides flexibility for those working at advanced technology levels, yet is simple enough for less experienced technicians.

A Complete QC Data Acquisition Solution

Visionary's Universal Gauge Interface makes it a complete QC solution for your lab. Connect virtually any gauge in your lab directly into Visionary QC. Further flexibility is supplied with the ability to create custom objects, characteristics, test types and reports. Additionally, formulas may be used to create more complex attributes.

CMC-KUHNKE is continually using customer feedback to fine tune and add new features to Visionary QC so we can provide the most versatile, robust and easy to use software available for the canning industry. The 2010 upgrade has numerous new features, including:

Fully Customizable Reports - Layout of reports, images and elements can be easily adjusted according to your needs and preferences. Create your own presets for specific production lines.

Email Reports - Automatically create, schedule and send reports via email.

Enhanced Data Selection - Specify a particular period to analyze, avoiding unnecessary data in your reports.

Database Assurance and Compatibility - Automatic prompts assure your data is stored in the appropriate location, and can be integrated into database systems such as Oracle and MSSQL.

Faster, Easier Printing - After optionally previewing your report, simultaneously print while continuing to use the software for additional actions.

Unicode Language Support - Visionary QC is now available in many languages, including non-Western languages.

Continued Remote Technical Support -Remote Customer Support powered by WebEx enables rapid diagnosis and resolution of support issues through instant sharing of and interaction with remote customer desktops anywhere in the world. This incredible service is available when you need it, and saves you the time and cost of scheduling on-site support services.