CMC-KUHNKE - Front End Gauge - FES-2000

Front End Gauge - FES-2000

Semi-Automated Measurement for
Trimmed 2-piece Beverage Cans.

The FES-2000 Measures:

  • Wall Thickness
  • Trimmed Can Height
  • Dome Depth

Front End Gauge - FES-2000

CMC-KUHNKE - Manual Gauges for Beverage Can-making

Manual Gauges for Beverage Cans

CMc-KUHNKE - Back End Gauge - BES-1000

Back End Gauge - BES-1000

Semi-Automated Measurement
for Finished 2-Piece Beverage Cans

The BES-2000 Measures:

  • Plug Diameter
  • Can Height
  • Flange Width
  • Flange Diameter

Back End Gauge - BES-1000