Compound Placement Monitor

CPM-2 High-Resolution Vision Gauge for Measurement of Compound Placement
High-Resolution Vision Gauge for Measurement of Compound Placement

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This high-resolution vision system clearly illuminates and captures images of Compound Placement at the cut and bent curl of Can Ends.

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After the end is cut with a special Curl and Bend Cutting Device, it is placed on the video imaging fixture. Operators may then measure the Compound Placement with 2 vertical lines using the mouse and COMPOUNDView Software.

More rugged and more reliable than conventional lamps, the Compound Placement Monitor’s solid-state monochromatic light source is designed for up to 5 years of 24 hour operation. Chromatic distortion is eliminated, permitting optimum images with quick and easy operator adjustments of end position, contrast and brightness.

When used in conjunction with COMPOUNDview Software, the Compound Placement Monitor provides speed, accuracy, reliability, repeatability and simplified operator procedures.

Product Highlights:

  • Increase compound placement accuracy while reducing inspection time!
  • High-resolution color camera provides crisp, clean images
  • 50x Magnification (Available in 30x to 200x magnification)
  • Compound Placement images and measurement data may be saved and transferred via USB 2.0, Video Out, or Firewire