Fully-Automatic Enamel Rater / Can Gauge

MARS-C-ER Fully-Automatic Online Enamel Rater and Can Measurement System
Fully-Automatic Online Enamel Rater and Can Measurement System

More Quality in Less Time

This fully-automatic can measurement gauge measures Bead Depth, Can Height and Flange Width in addition to rating the enamel on 3-piece cans.

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Cans of any size are measured externally for Bead Depth, Can Height and Flange Width, and/or placed in the automatic enamel rater according to the customer's specifications. The MARS-C-ER online sampling and reporting system integrates directly with the production line to receive cans and testing instructions without any operator intervention - a substantial labor savings.

In the event of an out-of-spec condition, or if statistical anomalies are discovered, several optional automatic responses are available to notify operators that corrective action is needed. These range from simple warning lights and alarms, to a signal sent to the line to stop production.

In the event that a can does not pass the Enamel Rater, the production line will stop automatically, a warning light will flash, the can will be quarantined, and the beader head number (or flanger head number, or spray head number) will be displayed on the integrated touch-screen.

The can inspection and enamel rater results are automatically sent directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.

Product Highlights:

  • Saves Time and Money - Can measurements and enamel rater information are collected at a higher frequency at a lower cost.
  • Fully-Automatic - Eliminates Operator Intervention creating a substantial labor savings, and increasing accuracy
  • Robust construction designed to withstand rigors of plant floor.