Combination SEAM Gauge

CSG-Series Semi-Automatic Double Seam Measurement for Beverage Cans
Semi-Automatic Double Seam Measurement for Beverage Cans

Automatic Double Seam Measurement
Cuts Inspection Time by 75%

The highly-accurate Combination SEAM Gauge is equipped with Countersink Depth, Double Seam Thickness, and optionally Double Seam Height.

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The easy to use CSG-Series combines unsurpassed R&R results with a compact design, touch screen interface, and automatic data output.

The Combination SEAM Gauge automatically rotates the can, allowing for measurements to be taken in up to 50 positions around the diameter of the can. The highly accurate and repeatable measurements taken by the Combination SEAM Gauge may be printed to a serial printer (in tabular format), or may be immediately transferred to a computer database for up to the minute SPC quality analysis. Readings are shown on the large TFT touch screen, or may be accessed via the plant network.

Product Highlights:

  • Measures Countersink Depth, Seam Thickness, and optionally Seam Height and Can Height in up to 50 positions around the can
  • Hands-Free design replaces individual manual gauges and eliminates measurement variation as the result of operator interference
  • Automatically rotates the can, further reducing inspection time!
  • Automatically sends data to an external data collection software
  • Produces measurements with extremely high repeatability and reproducibility