Enamel Rater - Digital

ENR-2000 (DIG II) Digital Enamel Rater for Metal Exposure
Digital Enamel Rater for Metal Exposure

Charge your Cans to Maintain the Highest Quality

The manual digital Enamel Rater determines the lacquer permeability on 3-piece cans, 2-piece cans, aerosol cans, can ends, side seams, bottle caps and tubes.

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The Enamel Rating results are shown on the display and may be saved or transferred directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.

Programmable Measurement Events

Contact control, filling control, measure duration, current limits, printout handling of one intermediate reading (two measurement duration).

Product Highlights:

  • Available for use with enamel rating fixtures for 3-Piece Cans, 2-Piece Cans, Aerosol Cans, Can Ends, Side Stripes, Bottle Caps, and even Tubes.
  • 90 Ohm calibrated test resistor available for calibration
  • Results shown on easy to read digital screen - results also available for transfer directly into data acquisition software