IOC 50-80 Highly Accurate, Non-Contact Measurement of Wall Ironing Rings
Highly Accurate, Non-Contact Measurement of Wall Ironing Rings

The Standard for Accuracy

The RINGMASTER measures the inner and outer diameter, the roundness and the concentricity of ironing, sizing and redraw rings for beverage can manufacture.

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RINGMASTER is designed for non-contact measurement of ironing rings used to manufacture beverage cans. Measurements are made using a fully automatic, non-contact, optical system that is software controlled and user-friendly.

During the development of the RINGMASTER measurement specialists, constructors, software engineers and experts in the field of can production pursued the one and only idea of combining the highest possible measurement precision with high reliability comfortable handling – in this regard the RINGMASTER sets a new standard. The extremely high precision is based on an innovative, optical measurement principle which allows for operator and contact independent measurement at a high speed and level of repeatability.

Everything Controlled with Four Keys

The RINGMASTER utilizes a very robust construction which allows it to achieve an extremely high measurement accuracy of ± 1µm or higher even under rough site conditions. The innovative handling concept also allows the gauge to flourish in rough conditions. All software functions for the routine operation are controlled by a steel keyboard with four keys fixed to the device. The PC key-board is only required for entering special data, writing protocols or running the service mode..

Intelligent Software - Easy Operation

Custom software was developed for routine operation which is extremely robust, intuitive, and operator friendly. This pragmatic approach is characterized by clear, visual instructions for the operator and the four-key system control. The standard PC keyboard is not required for routine operations. The software is divided into three hierarchy levels (measurement mode, operator mode and service mode), with all access password controlled.

No Faulty Measurements

Small fluctuations in temperature can sometimes lead to false measurements. Therefore the inner and outer temperatures are constantly monitored. If the accepted tolerance limit is exceeded, the software alerts the operator and stops further measurement. The RINGMASTER also avoids faulty measurements that originate from other sources, e.g. an incorrectly positioned ring or dirt particles on the sample.

Improved Production

The RINGMASTER guarantees exact measurement of ironing rings, a reduction in downtime, and a swift return on investment.