Visionary QC™ 8

VQC815 Software for Statistical Process Control
Software for Statistical Process Control

The Visionary QC™ 8 has been replaced by the Visionary QC™ 9

Visionary QC™ Software for Statistical Process Control, a powerful network-ready measurement system, packaged in a friendly user interface for both novice and expert computer users.

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Visionary QC™ software seamlessly integrates with the auto SEAMview - Automatic Double Seam Measurement Software and gives you the flexibility to:

  • Customize your Inspection Database and measurements
  • Browse and print Inspection Reports with Double Seam Images
  • Network to Track trends and statistics with SPC Graphs from virtually anywhere
  • Receive Automatic Email Notification of possible production problems
Double Seam measurement data may be shared and exported in virtually any format, so you can readily analyze the data for SPC using other standard software packages on the company network.

Data Collection and Reports

The core of Visionary QC™ is a user-friendly Data Collection and Report system designed to quickly lead operators through the Measurement and Inspection process. Measurement data may be shared and exported in any format, so you can readily analyze the data for SPC using other standard software packages on the company network.

Visionary QC™'s extremely flexible and modular design allows you to tailor your Can Measurement and Seam Inspection package to suit the needs, and budget, of your organization. Buy only what you need. Our software may be purchased as the complete Visionary QC™ Package, or as individual Visionary QC™ "software modules". Updates and upgrades are simple with our Tele-SEAM Technical Support.

Automatic Image Storage, Retrieval and Maintenance

The actual Double Seam images are automatically stored either on the local hard disk, or in a network location for plant wide access. Images are saved in a specialized, compact format, which results in faster network data transfers and makes space for over one million images on a standard hard-drive.

SPC Graphs and Analysis

Collecting accurate Can Measurement and Double Seam Inspection data is important, but getting it into the right format for analysis is critical. The SPC Graphs and Analysis portion of Visionary QC™ makes it easy for operators to enter simple selection criteria and to receive bright, color SPC Graphs. Out-of-spec readings are highlighted in red, and a mouse-click on any point brings up the actual inspection report (including the Double Seam Images if used with Automatic Image Storage, Retrieval and Maintenance).

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10

At CMC-KUHNKE we are continually improving our software to keep pace with current technology and our customer feedback. That is why Visionary QC™ is now compatible with Windows 7/8/10 32bit and 64bit, and will continue to evolve alongside these operating systems.

New Features in Version 9

Automatically trigger customized actions when a specified event occurs. For example, managers may choose to only receive reports during out-of-spec conditions. Updates in equipment may also be noted to keep accurate data.

Install widgets on the home screen to help you create dynamic reports with ease - rather than clicking through several menu options, operators can now have a customized shortcut that is set to their parameters - saving valuable time and allowing for more frequent testing.

Attributive Characteristics Mode
Create discrete names to describe your results in the table of values. Pass/Fail, Sharp/Not Sharp, Dark/Light - whatever you choose.

Integrated PDF Printer
Quickly and easily generate PDF documents directly from the print dialog.

“Seamless” Integration with SEAMview 6 Software
SEAMview 6 is the latest version of our award-winning software module for measuring double seam cross- sections. Visionary and SEAMview work together to appear as a single software for capturing, measuring and storing your seam images. Your seam images can be displayed during inspections for easy review and access. Images can also be printed on your inspection reports.

Display Capability
Select gauges now have the capability to display graphical representations of measurement data within the reports, creating a visual aid to help operators and managers have a clear understanding of collected information.