Automatic Beverage Can Enamel Rater

MARS-ENR-B Automatic In-Line Enamel Rater for Beverage Cans
Automatic In-Line Enamel Rater for Beverage Cans

World's Fastest Enamel Rater at 4 cpm

This fully automatic, online beverage can enamel rater samples and reports enamel rating data directly from the production line.

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The new and improved MARS-ENR-B is the latest edition to CMC-KUHNKE's line of Measurement and Rating Stations (MARS) - a fully-automated line of modular can inspection equipment priced low enough for can makers to justify an installation on every line.

At 4cpm, the MARS-ENR-B is the fastest beverage can enamel rater in the world. The MARS- ENR-B may be integrated directly with the production line to receive cans and testing instructions without any operator intervention - a substantial labor savings. Beverage can porosity test information may be collected at a higher frequency and at a lower cost. The MARS-ENR-B may also be installed offline and fed manually.

The automatic beverage can enamel rater takes cans from the in-feed, and performs customized enamel coverage test. Programmable test options include: Measurement Duration, Measurement Range, Contact Control, Current Limits, and Fill level Control. In the event of an out-of-spec condition, or if statistical anomalies are discovered, several optional automatic responses are available to notify operators that corrective action is needed. These range from simple warning lights and alarms, to a signal sent to the beverage can-making line to stop production.

Porosity test results may also be shown graphically on the tester [Current over time], and may be automatically transferred either directly into Visionary QC™ or to another plant wide data acquisition software.

Product Highlights:

  • World’s fastest automated beverage can enamel rater at 4cpm
  • Welded stainless steel frame designed for maximum corrosion resistance
  • High resolution test results displayed in 0.001mA
  • No changeover from 8oz to 16oz
  • Customized test events - duration, range, contact control, current limits and fill level
  • Installed In-line, or stand-alone
  • Test data automatically transferred via RS232, or Ethernet