8 Station Enamel Rater

ENR-8 8 Station Enamel Rater for Porosity Testing
8 Station Enamel Rater for Porosity Testing

Test the Enamel on up to 16 cans, ends, crowns or twist-off caps in 4 seconds!

This enamel rater connects to a variety of attachments allowing for rapid enamel testing of up to 8 cans, can ends, crowns, or twist-off caps.

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Crowns are tested on both the inside and the outside!

Attachments hold up to 8 items and connect easily to the back of the enamel rater. Sensors start the test automatically when the attachment is ready, and enamel rater is self regulating, constantly controlling and displaying: contact control, vacuum, cable connections and the testing voltage.

The caps are placed in the holder and held with clamp. After 4 seconds, the individual porosity test values in mA are displayed as well as: the maximum value; the average value; and the number of out-of-spec enamel ratings for each part.

The highly accurate and repeatable 8 Station Enamel Rater may be used stand-alone gauge with a digital readout or may be connected to a PC for data transfer directly into Visionary QCTMor other data acquisition software.

*Each end diameter requires its own 8-fold holder station. They are available for any ends of 50-99mm diameter.