Back End Gauge

BES-3000 Measurement System for 2-Piece Beverage Cans
Measurement System for 2-Piece Beverage Cans

Gauge quickly adjusts for use with multiple can heights

The Back End Gauge is an operator-independent system for the accurate measurement of 2-piece beverage cans.

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The Back End Station measures Plug Diameter, Can Height, Flange Width and Flange Diameter. All measurements are taken automatically at the touch of a button, and cans are automatically rotated to measure at multiple positions.Quick and easy setup provides for up to 20 different measurement configurations.

This semi-automatic can measurement system is available as a stand-alone gauging unit with a digital display or data may be transfered directly into Visionary QC or data acquisition software.

Product Highlights:

  • Accurately measures in up to 20 positions around the diameter of the can
  • Intuitive, easy to use, touch-screen interface
  • Option for automatic infeed is available
  • Hands-Free design replaces individual, manual gauges and eliminates measurement variation as the result of operator interference.
  • Automatic RS232 data output