End Measurement Gauge

EMS-3200 Semi-Automatic Multi-Diameter End Measurement
Semi-Automatic Multi-Diameter End Measurement

Save time AND increase accuracy!

The End Measurement Gauge automatically measures Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Countersink Height, Curl Opening, Curl Width, Curl Length, Inside Curl Diameter, Chuck Fit and the option of First Bead Height.

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The automatic rotation and measurement operation of the Multiple End Measurement Gauge, eliminates measurement error, and makes it easy for operators to feel confident in their Can End Measurement readings, regardless of their can making or quality assurance experience.

The EMS-3200 End Measurement Gauge provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can end: Curl Diameter (1), Curl Height (2), Countersink Height (3), Curl Opening (4), Curl Width, (5), Curl Length (6), Inside Curl Diameter (7), Chuck Fit (8), and the option of First Bead Height (9) up to 20 times around the Can End.

Results are shown on the color touch screen display and may be saved or printed out via serial printer. Results are also available for data transfer either directly into Visionary QC or other plant wide data acquisition software.

Product Highlights:

  • Provides substantial time savings over manual end inspection gauges
  • Increased accuracy with completely operator independent measurement
  • Automatic rotation of can end
  • Automatic data export
  • Customizable test types including number of measurements per end and characteristics to be measured
  • Measurements available for Countersink Depth, Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Curl Length (Brim Width), Curl Opening, Curl Width, Chuck Fit, and First Bead Height.
  • Pictorial representation of end measurements shown on screen