Visionary Software Upgrade

VQCW-8.18U Visionary QC 8.18 Pro Software Upgrade
Visionary QC 8.18 Pro Software Upgrade

Visionary QC 8.18 Pro software is our most powerful network-ready can inspection and SPC software. Multiple can inspection stations quickly collect measurement results and send the data to a network database. SPC stations provide network access to quality data, and our powerful SPC reports are user-configurable; giving you the right information to improve your production process.

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  • Collects and reports data from nearly any type of gauge or tester. Enter data from video seam imager, gauges, testers or keyboard.
  • Central administration of specifications
  • Central administration of basic program settings along with password controlled administrative levels
  • Easy to follow inspection procedures
  • Easy to read reports including control charts and seam images
  • Re-check inspection procedure
  • Network multiple workstations to centralize plant-wide inspections and monitoring
  • Powerful Statistical Process Control (SPC) Analysis
  • "KEY" function for statistical evaluation by product can supplier, end supplier, material supplier, customer, etc.
  • "VIEW" function for special preparation of measured data and customized printouts
  • Available in multiple languages including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, 1 free language