Visionary QC™ 9

VQC9 Software for Statistical Process Control
Software for Statistical Process Control

Scalable software for dynamic data collection & statistical production analysis

Visionary QCTM is a Dynamic Data Collection & Statistical Production Analysis Software designed to quickly lead operators through their quality inspections and provide useful reports for process control.

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  • Easy Data Entry
  • Universal Gauge Interface
  • Flexible, Secure Database
  • Intuitive Inspection Reports may be shared and exported
  • Track trends and statistics with SPC Graphs
  • Receive Auto Email Notification of possible production problems
  • New! Automatically trigger customized actions with Events Feature
  • New! Real time quality status overview with the Dashboard
  • New! Strongly enhanced performance for statistics and reports

Version 9.0 - now including Events feature

  • Automatically trigger customized actions when a specified event occurs.
  • Easily maintain consistency
  • Maintain standard operating procedures by automating important actions

Examples of Events:

  • Managers may choose to receive a report when there is an out-of-spec condition
  • An operator may receive an email or a report when a test or task is completed
  • Automated log entries for when errors occur, or an user makes a specification change

Use the new Dashboard in Version 9.0 to Create Dynamic Reports with ease

The Dashboard shows selected live data, visualizing the quality state for selected products, lines, plant, etc.

Other New Features in Version 9.0

Attributive Characteristics Mode
Create discrete names to describe your results in the table of values. Pass/Fail, Sharp/Not Sharp, Dark/Light - whatever you choose.

Integration of SEAMview 6.0 and WELDview 6.0 Software
SEAMview 6.0 Double Seam Evaluation Software and WELDview 6.0 Weld Evaluation Software now work together with Visionary to appear as a single software for capturing, measuring and storing your seam and weld images. Your images can be displayed during inspections for easy review and access.

More Data Filters
Additional filtering options are now available for selecting data, such as by operator, Events and completed tests.

Enhanced File Output
Generate PDF documents quickly and easily directly from the print dialog, and send via e-mail, or FTP.

Graphing Display Capability
Select gauges, such as the PAT-Series Pop and Tear Tester for Easy Open Ends, now have the capability to display graphical representations of measurement data within the reports, creating a visual aid to help operators and managers have a clear understanding of collected information.

Automatic E-mail Reports
Schedule inspection reports, seamer head trend reports and other customizable reports to arrive in your Inbox, sent via FTP or be saved to your Network. You decide what’s in the report and how often you get it. Use background tasks to Export, Import, Archive, Generate Reports and E-mail Reports without disrupting active inspections.

Gauge Input Plausibility Limits
No more false readings! When gauges aren’t used properly, Visionary QC™ alerts the operator and has them repeat the measurement.

Automatic Recheck Option
You control what triggers the recheck (out of control, out of spec, really out of spec) and can customize the recheck inspection – how many cans, adjacent heads, recheck specifications.

Fully-Customizable Inspections
Have a can that requires a different seam inspection procedure? Want to collect data from other types of gauges? Visionary QC can do more than just seam inspections - it is a complete QA data acquisition software that will accept data from any RS232 output. Fully-customizable “Test Types” allow you to channel all your QA inspections into one database.

Realtime SPC Trend Analysis
Visionary plots trend analysis by seamer head right on the inspection screen. Operators and supervisors respond to out of spec readings armed with immediate historical data for that head.

Add More to Your Inspections
With Visionary's fully-customizable “Keys” function, you control what information operators add to inspections. End Code, Body Code, Can and End Manufacturer, Sample Time, Products, Today’s Weather... If it’s important, then you can track it. The identifiers you create are included on your inspection reports and can be used to filter data during report generation. You control whether a Key entry is optional or mandatory, a free-entry or drop-down window.

Custom Report Templates
You decide what reports you need, what they look like and when they are generated. Visionary's “Reports” function allows you to save standard report formats for simplified report generation.

Flexible Database Set-up Options
In a Stand Alone set up, run Visionary QC on a single PC and store your data directly on the hard drive. In a QA Lab set up, connect the PCs in your lab to create a multiple workstation network that stores all your data on the hard drive of one PC acting as the Master. In Enterprise Mode, multiple workstations, even multiple plants can network to a single SQL database or share data between databases. Compatible with PostgreSQL, SQL Server or Oracle.

Individual User Language Preferences
When a user logs in, Visionary QC automatically knows whether to present information to you in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese and many other common languages.

Compatible with Windows 7/8/10
At CMC-KUHNKE we are continually improving our software to keep pace with current technology and our customer feedback. That is why Visionary QC is now compatible with Windows 7/8/10 32bit and 64bit, and will continue to evolve alongside these operating systems.

Values On-Screen
With Visionary’s new LiveView System, operators now have the ability to see values on-screen before accepting measurements.