Visionary Software 9 Upgrade

VQC9U Visionary QC 9.0 Pro Software Upgrade
Visionary QC 9.0 Pro Software Upgrade

Scalable software for dynamic data collection and statistical production analysi

Visionary QC 9.0 Pro software is our most powerful network-ready can inspection and SPC software. Multiple can inspection stations quickly collect measurement results and send the data to a network database. SPC stations provide network access to quality data, and our powerful SPC reports are user-configurable; giving you the right information to improve your production process.

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Many new features available with an upgrade to Version 9.


Automatically trigger customized actions when a specified event occurs. For example, managers may choose to only receive reports during out-of-spec conditions. Updates in equipment may also be noted to keep accurate data.


Install widgets on the home screen to help you create dynamic reports with ease - rather than clicking through several menu options, operators can now have a customized shortcut that is set to their parameters - saving valuable time and allowing for more frequent testing.

Attributive Characteristics Mode

Create discrete names to describe your results in the table of values. Pass/Fail, Sharp/Not Sharp, Dark/Light - whatever you choose.

Integrated PDF Printer

Quickly and easily generate PDF documents directly from the print dialog.

“Seamless” Integration with SEAMview 6 Software

SEAMview 6 is the latest version of our award-winning software module for measuring double seam cross-sections. Visionary and SEAMview work together to appear as a single software for capturing, measuring and storing your seam images. Your seam images can be displayed during inspections for easy review and access. Images can also be printed on your inspection reports.

Display Capability

Select gauges now have the capability to display graphical representations of measurement data within the reports, creating a visual aid to help operators and managers have a clear understanding of collected information.