PNR-V/Buckle Tester

PNR-V-3189 Pressure of No Return / Vacuum Gauge for Large Cans
Pressure of No Return / Vacuum Gauge for Large Cans

Multiple Tests in One Compact System

The Semi-Automated Pressure of No Return Gauge determines the return ability of seamed ends on cans and ends up to 189mm in diameter.

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Three tests may be performed:

PNR-V Test (Pressure of No Return/Vacuum):
The closed can is clamped in a holder. After the start of the measurement, a needle pierces the can bottom and fills the can with air pressure. Various start and end pressures may be set. For example, the pressure may be increased in 0.10 bar steps to measure deformation. A vacuum may be applied at each step.

Buckle (Peak) Test:
The closed can is clamped in a holder and pressure is applied until the can end buckles. The precise pressure at which the end buckles is recorded by the tester.

Process cycle test:
Simulates the fluctuating pressures during the sterilization process

Product Highlights:

Saves time:

  • Three tests in one compact system
  • Automatic data transfer

Easy to use:

  • Latest firmware with intuitive color touch screen display
  • Requires little training

Simulates the Sterilization process

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