Aerosol SEAM Imager

VSI-5000A Double Seam Imager for Aerosol Cans
Double Seam Imager for Aerosol Cans

Because image is everything...

This high-resolution Digital Seam Scope for Aerosol Cans clearly illuminates and captures images of Can Double Seams, for measurement of Seam Height, Coverhook, Bodyhook, Overlap, Seam Gap and Bodyhook Butting

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Most SEAMscan systems for aerosol cans are equipped with our sophisticated Aerosol Seam Imager. This high-resolution vision system clearly illuminates and captures images of double seams from the aerosol can top (domed) or the aerosol can bottom.

More rugged and more reliable than conventional lamps, its solid-state monochromatic light source is designed for up to 5 years of 24 hour operation. Chromatic distortion is eliminated, permitting optimum images with quick and easy operator adjustments of can position, contrast and brightness.

A great way to increase double seam measurement accuracy while reducing inspection time!

When used with auto SEAMview our automatic seam measurement software, the Aerosol SEAM Imager ultimately provides speed, accuracy, reliability, repeatability, and simplified operator procedures. Capable of measuring 9 double seam dimensions and calculating 3 Double Seam attributes, all in less than one second per image, the Aerosol SEAM Imager saves valuable production time!