SEAM Thickness Gauge

STG-4000MH Manual Gauge for the Measurement of Double Seam Thickness
Manual Gauge for the Measurement of Double Seam Thickness

Finally, a simple and objective gauge to measure Double Seam Thickness!

The SEAM Thickness Gauge provides objective, reliable and repeatable can seam thickness measurements.

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This solid, fixture-based gauge designed with consistent measurement pressure makes it easy for operators to feel confident in their double seam measurements regardless of their seaming experience. The STG-4000 provides the repeatabiliy required for reliable trend analysis

Eliminate operator-to-operator Double Seam Thickness measurement variation commonly caused by improper use of Can Seam Micrometers. The SEAM Thickness Gauge always measures at the same pressure, angle and depth; no matter who is using it. The SEAM Thickness Gauge is fully adjustable, making it easy to mechanically duplicate most Can Seam Micrometer thickness readings. Just like the Can Seam Micrometer, the SEAM Thickness Gauge measures at the chuck wall angle, automatically positions the can to measure across its center-line, and may be used to measure can seams on a wide range of can sizes.

Product Highlights:

  • The best %R&R and DR results in the industry
  • Saves time and Eliminates Data Entry Errors
  • Increased accuracy with completely operator independent measurement
  • Easy to read digital display - results may also be transferred to plant-wide data collection system
  • Solid, fixture based design
  • The SEAM Thickness Gauge can be used as a stand-alone gauge with a digital readout or connect to a PC for data transfer directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.