Top Load Tester

AXL-0500B PET Bottle Top Load Tester
PET Bottle Top Load Tester

Test Your PET Bottles
Without Testing Your Budget

The PET Bottle Top Load Tester was developed specifically for the measurement of the top load resistance of empty PET bottles and other empty containers.

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The device measures a container's maximum axial load capacity in Kg, Newton (N) or lbs. To perform the test, one PET bottle or other container is placed on the device table and slowly pressed against the upper pressure plate. The upper plate moves down.

For different test forces, the device has three test modes: Maximum Force Test, Compression Test and Force Test.

The results are shown on the display and may be saved or printed out via serial printer. Results are also available for automatic data transfer either directly into a plant-wide data collection system or for data transfer directly into Visionary QC or other data acquisition software.