Beverage SEAM Saw

AGS-2000 Double Seam Saw for Beverage Cans
Double Seam Saw for Beverage Cans

The best manually operated Beverage Seam Saw ever!

The AGS-2000 is a safe, fully enclosed Double Seam Saw for cutting Beverage Cans in preparation for Double Seam Inspection.

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The AGS-2000 - Beverage SEAM Saw is engineered to safely cut Beverage Can Double Seams precisely and efficiently, giving you a clear image for highly reliable Double Seam Inspection. This beverage can cutter features a rugged design that will provide you with years of trouble- free performance with virtually no maintenance.

The AGS-2000 - Beverage SEAM Saw uses two parallel blades, one mounted to cut along the diameter of the can, to make the cross-section without chattering, distorting or changing hook lengths. This provides an accurate radial slot, free from distortion, and with minimal burr, for use in Double Seam imaging and measurement.

By accommodating a complete range of beverage can body diameters from 200 – 307, the AGS-2000 - Beverage SEAM Saw also offers exceptional versatility. Our exclusive Double Seam holder never requires tooling changes, and allows for very easy operation. The AGS- 2000 - Beverage SEAM Saw’s removable access panel provides full access to the seam saw for a safe and quick blade change. The fully enclosed seam saw is equipped with a metal- sensing safety switch and safety shut-off.

Cuts noise, too.

Quiet operation is a key benefit of the AGS-2000 - Beverage SEAM Saw. The fully enclosed seam saw traps beverage can shavings and sound inside, protecting users by dramatically reducing noise levels when cutting aluminum beverage cans.

Product Highlights

  • Simple and ergonomic design provides safe operation
  • Requires little training and is extremely easy to use
  • Safe operation - Totally enclosed unit cuts noise level; keeping it below 85dB
  • Saves time - Easy access blade compartment makes for quick blade changes and maintenance, while containing noise and can shavings
  • Holds the double seam securely to ensure high quality cuts