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CMC-KUHNKE to exhibit at METPACK 2017 - Booth 1A17

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/events/metpack_email_footer.jpgMetpack 2017 will witness a collection of new and improved gauges from CMC-KUHNKE, as well as a selection of systems representative of our extensive product line for cans and ends.

The all-new AUTO-XTS is a fully-automated, in-line measurement system that provides non-destructive, complete double seam inspection for beverage fillers.

Based on the revolutionary SEAMscan XTS, the AUTO-XTS provides world class R&R while leaving the can intact for further testing or even sale. Completely operator independent, the AUTO-XTS combines an external seam measurement station with XTS X-ray technology for internal seam measurements and a complete tightness scan. CMC-KUHNKE’s XTS technology is the only proven and patented X-ray Seam Inspection method and has been in use at customer sites since 2011.

The AUTO-XTS allows beverage fillers to save time, money and improve accuracy with their quality inspections. Booth 1A17 will showcase the AUTO-XTS and will be available for demonstrations.

CMC-KUHNKE's line of highly-accurate and easy to use 2-Piece gauging will be represented at METPACK with the New Front End Gauge for 2-piece Beverage Cans. The exceptionally accurate and repeatable FES-4000 automatically rotates the can with the capability to measure 360° around the circumference of the can. The FES-4000 measures top-wall thickness, mid-wall thickness, trimmed can height and dome depth. With adjustable mid-wall thickness indicator, no change parts are necessary for beverage cans of multiple heights.

Representing CMC-KUHNKE's line of quality endmaking products will be the Semi-Automatic, Multi-Diameter End Measurement Station. The EMS-3200 provides automatic measurements for every characteristic of the can end. Measurements include: Curl Diameter, Curl Height, Countersink Height, Curl Opening, Curl Width, Curl Length, Inside Curl Diameter, Chuck Fit and the option of First Bead Height.

The semi-automated, Bead/Height/Flange Gauge will also be on display at CMC-KUHNKE’s booth. The BHF-3000 provides objective, accurate and repeatable measurements on food cans and requires no change parts for multiple can sizes.

CMC-KUHNKE’s SEAMscan SPC System and CSG-2360 Combination Seam Gauge will also be available for demonstration. Our popular double seam inspection products provide affordable, high-resolution solutions for food, beverage, aerosol, general line cans and even fuel filters. Customer-driven improvements have made the SEAMscan SPC System the most comprehensive and versatile double seam evaluation tool in the industry.

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