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New! PET Burst and Buckle Tester

Uploaded Image: /vs-uploads/news/ABT-3100-PET_news.jpgThe PET Burst and Buckle Tester is designed to check the Burst and Buckle pressure of PET Bottles. 

The ABT-3100-PET may be programmed with up to 60 fully-customized test types, such as holding at set pressures. The best selling burst tester in the industry also features a fully-self contained, internal water supply.

The PET Burst Tester is adapted from the ABT-3100, available for 2-piece and 3-piece aerosol cans, monobloc and aluminum bottles with even the softest curl.

Product Highlights:

    • 60 Fully-customizable test types, such as holding at set pressures
    • Measures Pressure Drop at time of Buckle
    • Auto-start functionality - Test begins as soon as door is secured
    • Automatic detection of buckle and burst
    • Automatic data export
    • With 3-piece Aerosol cans, Top and Bottom Buckle may be graphed [pressure over time] on-screen
    • Fully-self contained with internal water supply

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